Faith Faith is a Branding Expert, Speaker and Author.

She is a trailblazer that revolutionized how to name things and simplified how to brand them.  The easy-to-replicate Faith Formula to name and brand a business, service, product or book was developed after she studied Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP).

She coined the term ‘Natural Expert’ to promote the usage of NE for entrepreneurs without credentials desiring credibility.    

Faith’s future plans include showcasing her readers and students on her TV Show for Entrepreneurs, actual name of show is a secret.

In her early years, she did stand-up comedy and almost became a magician.  Her fun-loving teaching style is entertaining as well as educational.


My Journey

In December 2013, I took a giant leap-of-faith.

I retired from my job of 31 years with a small pension.

I hadn’t planned for this retirement.

My intuition, my inner guidance, my gut feeling ~ whatever you want to call it ~ told me to retire.

I knew in my heart that eventually I’d have the life of my dreams.

A life of fun, helping people and financial freedom.

My motto:  Have Fun. Help People. Make Money.

Due to health issues, I chose to live only off my pension.

This meant serious downsizing.

Getting rid of everything but clothes and personal items.

And renting a bedroom from complete strangers.

For the next two years, I lived in four different households.

Leaving each because the people there I felt were less than kind.

In February 2016, I got a job working in the garden department of my local Home Depot.

I was finally healthy enough to work.

Little did I know the transformative impact The Home Depot would have on my life.

After about a month of work, I got my own apartment.

I had began writing a business book in 2011.

Over the years, it had morphed into something spectacular.

The book was revolutionary, yet unfinished.

After a few months in my new job, I got a brilliant idea.

I would use The Home Depot in the book as an example of how to brand a business.

Later, perhaps they would sponsor me when I gave seminars and presentations.

Then another brilliant idea entered my head.

I had to land a phone interview with the co-founder of The Home Depot, Bernie Marcus.

I could use any advice that he offered in my book.

His interview would make what I wrote more authentic.

More credible.

But how would I get a multi-billionaire to agree to an interview with a nobody?

I have always believed in the saying, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

I knew there was a way. I just had to figure it out.

And I did!

I did my research and wrote a letter to a Bernie Marcus Foundation.

I taped two pictures of myself on the outside of the envelope.

One picture was a professional headshot. I wore a blazer.

The other picture was me in my Home Depot apron at work.

This made the outside of the envelope very personal.

I addressed it, then I hand wrote in red ink underlining the word:  CONFIDENCIAL

I wrote CONFIDENCIAL so that only authorized personnel would open the letter.

And I got the phone interview with Bernie Marcus!

Never in my life had I interviewed anyone and my first interview was with a multi-billionaire!

How crazy is that!?

I included parts of the interview in my book.

Then I got another brilliant idea.

I would promote my TV Show for Entrepreneurs featuring readers of my book, in-the-book!

The idea for the TV Show came from Angels.

Yes … I’m talking about “real” Angels.

In 2007, I had a psychic reading with a woman who communicated with Angels.

Out of the blue, she told me,

“the Angels want me to tell you, you’re going to have your own TV Show.”

What she said was so crazy I instantly discounted what she said.

I never gave it another thought.

However, January 2014, seven years later, I had another Angel reading with someone new.

Her name was Courtney Long.

Courtney is an Angel communicator and during the reading, she said the exact same words,

“the Angels want me to tell you, you’re going to have your own TV Show.”


What just happened seemed … impossible.

Immediately I recalled the other Angel reading seven years prior.

I pondered the bizarre idea of having a TV Show.

YES! I would love to have my own TV Show! I would help people around-the-world!

The brilliant idea can be found in three places in my book, on the back cover and in all my marketing I state:

Use my book to name and brand what you offer. Once it’s for sale, go to my website, register it and you might be on Faith’s TV Show for Entrepreneurs. The actual name is a secret for now.

So, the idea for the TV Show came from Angels.

( 72% of Americans believe in Angels per Gallup Poll reporting June 29, 2016 )

Currently, I am preparing to release my eBook. Print and Audio to follow.

My journey started with listening to my intuition and taking action.

Now, I’m on my way to living the life of my dreams.

What about you?

What would it look like?  To live the life of your dreams?

My dear friend, believe in your heart, your desire, and your passion.

Remember:  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Trust your intuition. Trust your inner guidance. Trust your gut instinct.

Then take action steps. Even baby steps are action steps.

I send you my love and wish You the Life of Your Dreams. J