Faith’s TV Show For Entrepreneurs!

After using BLOCKBUSTER BRANDING For “The Little Guy” book to name and brand what you offer and it’s available for purchase, this page will help you register it for a chance to be featured on the TV Show pilot. The actual name of show is secret until it is time to promote it. You are going to LOVE the name of the show!


Currently we are preparing for the TV Show pilot and need entrepreneurs for each: business, service, product, book. Each show will feature all 4 types of entrepreneurs, with some categories having more than one entrepreneur featured. It will be a weekly 1 hour variety show.  Filming pilot will be end of 2017 or beginning of 2018.


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To register is for consideration ONLY and there are no guarantees in any shape, form or implied that what you offer will be on the TV Show pilot or any show thereafter.


Before registering for consideration to be on the TV Show pilot you must:

1. Named and branded what you offered using the formula and other information found in the BLOCKBUSTER BRANDING For “The Little Guy” book

2. What you offer must be available for purchase

3. You must be 13 years old or older

4. Be available for filming in studio location Phoenix, Arizona

5. Be aware and later sign legal documents that you will not be paid or compensated for featured appearance on TV Show pilot


Register Your Business, Service, Product, Book for consideration by email:

  • Send email to

  • In subject line type in what you offer: Business, Service, Product, Book

In email list in this order:

1. Your first and last name

2. Your age

3. Member of Junior Achievement? Another club or affiliation? Veteran or active in the Military? Any disabilities or limitations? Current or prior occupation?  Please mention any that apply or any information you think is relevant.

4. Name of what you offer and USP

5. What you offer

6. Website url

7. Contact phone number

8. How viewers will benefit by having you on the TV Show pilot in 50 words or less

9. Brief story about you and what you offer in 100 words or less    

Best of Luck getting featured on the TV Show pilot. ☺